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Best Home Shoots for Newborns in Delhi, Gurgaon, Noida, NCR

Newborns are precious miracles of God. They change our world in ways we can’t even imagine. Those little fingers, tiny toes, innocent smiles, glittering eyes and sweet giggles are just breathtaking. Although one might wish to sit and marvel at them forever, the fact is that those first few weeks are gone so quickly that it seems hard to remember your newborn baby so small with features so puny and before you know it your little wonder has already changed and grown into what seems a new person.

Newborn baby photography sessions are a way for you to make this time stand still in the form of beautiful artistic keepsakes. Newborn photography is about patience and gentleness. Much care and talent is needed to capture a newborn baby at his or her best, which makes it worth investing in Newborn photography by a professional and experienced newborn photographer.

At Siddharth Verma Photography, we recognize the preciousness of these special first days of your baby and aim to capture the sweetness, those beautiful little features with stunning photography in a stress free, calm & comfortable environment of your home. We are skilled in the elusive ability to capture a moment in it’s true sense conveying the story behind it.

We put our heart and soul into our photography to ensure that the customers receive beautiful Newborn photographs, something they will truly treasure forever.

Newborn Photography Packages


Home shoot
1 hour Session
2 Setups
Baby shots covered
20 Digital Images from the shoot
10 HQ Re-touched Images
Pre-Shoot consultation



Home shoot
2 hour Session
2 Setups
Baby shots covered

1 Setup for Parents shots
25 Digital Images from the shoot
15 HQ Re-touched Images
1 Photobook (6x8")
Pre-Shoot consultation


Home shoot
3 hr Session
3 Setups
Baby shots covered

1 Setup for Parents shots

Sibling shots covered
30 Digital Images from the shoot
20 HQ Re-touched Images
1 Photobook (6x8")
Pre-Shoot consultation


Home shoot
3 hr Session
3 Setups
Baby shots covered

1 Setup for Parents shots

Sibling & Grandparents shots
40 Digital Images from the shoot
30 HQ Re-touched Images
Layflat Premium Album (12x24")
Pre-Shoot consultation

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Frequently asked questions

What is the best age to have my Newborn photographed ?

The best time to photograph your newborn is within the first 2 weeks of birth. This is the stage when the baby is very sleepy and “mold-able” allowing us to get those perfect looking baby poses, not to mention it’s the age when their first features can be brilliantly captured. However lifestyle sessions which carry a bit more candid/natural approach to newborn photography can be done up to 6-8 weeks from birth or even later.

Where will the Newborn photo session be covered ?

We provide exclusive on-location shoots carried out in the comfort of your own home. This helps you relax and enjoy the session which beautifully reflects in the shots. Photographing a baby in his/her home also lends a unique and sentimental value to the portraits which will be deeply cherished in the days to come.

What clothing is required in Newborn photography ?

Newborns are best photographed in the buff so you don’t have to buy any fancy outfits for your session. We provide all the props, blankets, hats and wraps needed for the session. However, if you have something special or sentimental that you would like to include in one of the photos, just let us know beforehand so that we can prepare for how to use it.

When should i book for the Newborn photo session ?

We accept bookings even 1-2 months in advance. However, if you are not able to do so, we suggest to book your session atleast a week in advance. This will provide enough time for us to plan your shoot and for you to get prepared.

What are the booking and payment terms ?

You can book a session by depositing 25% of the package price. The balance amount is payable on the day of the shoot.
If due to any unavoidable reason client is not available for the shoot, we do provide re-scheduling of the shoot as per mutual discussion. This re-scheduling of shoot can be availed only once, after which the booking will stand cancelled.
All the payments made towards the shoot are non-refundable.

When will i recieve the images from the shoot ?

After the shoot, the images go through basic post processing. After 1 week you will recieve the images in low resolution for selection as per your package. Once selected, these images will recieve further re-touching and will be provided to you in high resolution in a week.
The printing of Album (if included in your package) will take another week's time.

How do I schedule my newborn photo session ?

Newborn photo sessions can be scheduled based on your expected due date(EDD) and then we allow some time in our calendar around that. When your baby finally does make his/her entrance, contact us within a day or two and we will set a specific date from there. Generally, newborn sessions are held within 2 weeks of birth, this is the stage when you’re going to get the most cooperation for all those adorable newborn poses.

Is the photo shoot safe for my newborn baby ?

Absolutely, utmost importance is given to the safety of our little clients. Newborns and infants are exceptionally fragile, and their safety during the session is our foremost priority. It's important to understand that just like adults a newborn also has his/her own comfort zone...Some babies will curl easily, others won't. Some babies will allow you to fold their legs up under them, others won't. We never force a pose upon a baby or compromise the safety of your little angel.

Do you provide any props for the session ?

Yes, we have a range of special newborn baby props, blankets, wraps, hats, headbands to work with.

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